Dedicated Internet for Organizations

  • Speed: Customizable (Starting from 50Mbps and above)
  • Cost: Custom pricing based on requirements
  • Description: For organizations and offices requiring dedicated and uninterrupted internet access, we offer leased lines with customizable speeds to meet specific business needs. Enjoy exclusive, high-priority bandwidth with no contention, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

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  • CPE cost is not included to Monthly and Quarterly package
  • One Time Installation Charge of Rs.500 & Ownership Tax of Rs.665 not included in the aforementioned price
  • FuP (Fair Usage Policy) is applicable on daily basis
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Dedicated Internet for Organizations

Our Dedicated Internet service offers unparalleled connectivity for organizations that require consistent, high-speed internet access. With customizable bandwidth options starting from 50Mbps and above, this service ensures exclusive, uninterrupted access to the internet, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Enjoy superior performance, enhanced security, and dedicated support, making it the ideal choice for enterprises that rely on reliable and robust internet connectivity for critical operations. Whether it’s for large data transfers, seamless video conferencing, or supporting numerous simultaneous connections, our Dedicated Internet service provides the bandwidth and reliability your organization demands.

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